Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sweeping Conservative legislation disregards the Charter rights of all Canadians

Three problematic pieces of legislation are currently going through Canada’s Parliament that should be of concern to all Canadians.

Bill C-10 is commonly referred to as the Omnibus Crime Bill. It recently passed the Green Chamber of the House of Commons with little debate, and as of Feb. 22, it is now in the Conservative stacked Senate process. This bill is a plethora of US, Republican-style, failed policies.

Bill C-11 is Canada’s version of the US SOPA/PIPA legislation concerning digital lockdowns. This type of legislation recently prompted Wikipedia to shut down its website for 24 hours, or on what was dubbed "black Wednesday." The legislation, recently tabled in the House, is flying under the Canadian public’s radar.

Bill C-30, formerly and commonly known as lawful access legislation, got a name change last week to Protecting Children From Predators Act. Unlike C-11, it is finally getting much-warranted mainstream media attention. Currently, there is a growing backlash from the public about this bill, and with good reason. It's a resounding call for the federal government to kill Bill C-30, but despite this, PM Harper announced Sunday he sent the bill to committee for revisions, a committee whereby the Conservatives will determine what revisions will be made.

In totality, the bills are very disturbing because all three undermine the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Thus, every Canadian is encouraged to spend a little time to become informed about all three very important pieces of legislation. What follows are links to sites that will give people information, mostly on C-30. Other information may be obtained via these links, as well as by a Google search based on the name of the other two bills. Become informed and speak out. Also, please share information with others. Canada’s future is in our hands, not the federal Conservatives.

The egregious C-30 legislation:

Bill C-10 (A bundle of crime and justice bills):

Bill C-11 (An Act to Amend the Copyright Act or the Copyright Modernization Act):

Cutting through the rhetoric of lawful access legislation. A story of vital concern to every Canadian:

Hear what the experts say:

For more information visit:

Cutting through the rhetoric of the Omnibus Crime Bill. A news video worth watching:

More cutting through the rhetoric of lawful access (three other stories worth reading):

Sign the Petition on C-30 or send a message to the minister with respect to Bill C-11 or a message to provincial senators on Bill C-10 located at: and and

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