Friday, 20 May 2011

Supporters ask feds for InSite to remain open despite court challange

By Bobbie Saga

     Classical far right religious rhetoric insists that when evidence contradicts dogma, it’s the evidence that’s incorrect. Such is the case with InSite, Vancouver’s below the radar, but pragmatic program for reducing heroin overdose and addiction.

The facts are InSite achieves results for its clients, plus places less strain on our overburdened health care system. InSite is a BC provincially funded, supervised, safe injection site, a first in North America. It’s where addicts can bring their drug of choice, and where under supervision of a health professional, and with clean needles, they can inject themselves.

The federal government, however, wants it shut down, claiming it’s an "abomination," etc., etc. As such, it’s been placed on Harper & Co.’s long hit list, and is yet another example of mounting lawsuits that we, the taxpayers, foot the bill for. But we, the taxpayers, can assist in the effort to call on our Government to drop its court challenge to shut down this much needed facility. I respectfully request people take time from their busy schedules to inform themselves on the facts as laid out in a recent letter put out by PHS Community Services Society.

Ask our Canadian government to abandon its vitriolic campaign against InSite by either contacting to your MP, or signing the Open Letter to Stephen Harper.

More information on InSite:

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